Short Bio

Wilma Russo obtained her Degree in Physics from the University of Naples (Italy) in 1975, then she moved to the University of Calabria where, since 1986, she held the position of Associate Professor of Computer Science (1986-1990). After a period spent at the University of Salerno (1990-1997), she is now full Professor of Computer Science of the Department of Electronics, Computer and System SciencesĀ  (DEIS) at the University of Calabria. Her research activity, in the fieldĀ  of distributed and parallel systems, is mainly focused on the development of methodologies, systems, tools and applications for distributed computing in heterogeneous, open and dynamic environments. Her current research interests include: Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems, Agent Oriented Software Engineering, Internet Computing, Content Distribution Networks. She is author of several papers published in international journals, books and conference proceedings.